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Hello my beautiful singing friends! Welcome!

This is a public song library for everyone.

Most of the songs in this library are my original compositions. There are a few in the public domain, or by other composers that I have permission to share. Most of the songs that I part out for my women’s choir Yala Lati, my Song Leader trainees, and my Art of Mindful Singing participants are kept private out of respect for the original artists.

You are welcome to learn and share these songs. Please carry each one with care, telling as much of the story and origin as possible. If you desire to bring one of my original songs to your choir, my request is that you stick to the original arrangement as much as possible. If you create practice tracks for your singers, please keep them private. Thank you so much!

If you feel inspired, you are welcome to make donations towards my efforts and ever unfolding artistry:

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Apache Honoring Song

Bathed in Moonlight – Heather Houston

Be Gentle — Heather Houston

Bele Mama — Cameroon, West Africa

Bird of Light — Heather Houston

Birthday Blessing — Heather Houston

Brave Magic – Heather Houston

Braving the Wilderness — Anne Woodward

Breath of Life — Heather Houston

Bright Morning Stars – An Appalachian Folk Tune

Bring Me Little Water Sylvie – Lead Belly

Chant to Nana by Heather Houston

Chant to Oshun – Traditional Yoruba Chant

Chant to Yemaya — Traditional Yoruba Chant

Cherokee Morning Song – Traditional

Coming Home to My Voice — Heather Houston

Conversation With a Raven — Heather Houston

Divine Mystery — Heather Houston

Earth My Body — Source Unknown

Easy Does It Now — Heather Houston

Energy of Love – Heather Houston

Equinox Blessing (Shadows & Light) — Heather Houston

Evening Rise – Composer Unknown

Full Moon Chant — Heather Houston

Gayatri Mantra – Traditional Vedic Chant

Here in this Place – Margaret Ross

Hope Lingers On – Low Lily

How Sweet the Sound — Doug von Koss

I Am Enough — Heather Houston

I Believe in the Power of Love — Heather Houston

I Forgive Myself – Heather Houston

I Say Yes — Heather Houston

I Trust — Heather Houston

I Wonder — Heather Houston

I’m Going Back – Heather Houston

Infinite Bliss – Heather Houston

Ise Oluwa from West Africa

Keep Movin’ Forward My Darlin’ – Valerie Bynne

La Mar Estaba Serena — A Folk Tune

Let the Light Shine In — Heather Houston

Listen — Heather Houston

Lokah Samastah

Love Is Moving in My Heart — Rickie Byars

Love Moves In Me – Heather Houston

Mama Gaia – Heather Houston

Mochi Numba from Kenya

Mother Waters — Heather Houston

My Spirit is Resilient – Heather Houston

Now I Walk In Beauty — A Navajo Prayer

Oh Holy Morn — Heather Houston

Oj Djevojko Moja — Croatian Folk Tune

Put Your Roots Down – Molly Hartwell

Rainforest Chant from Ituri Rainforest (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Re-Wild My Soul — Heather Houston

Ride Your Thermals — Anne Woodward

Right Here Now – Heather Houston

Rising Strong — Heather Houston

River of Kindness — Heather Houston

Sa Amba Sahda Shiva — Sanskrit Chant

SA TA NA MA – Heather Houston

Sacred Fire – Heather Houston

Sacred Vessel – Heather Houston

Shosholoza – Traditional song from Zimbabwe

Show Me the Way — Heather Houston

Show Me What Is Mine to Do — Heather Houston

Simplify — Anne Woodward

Sing Through My Voice – Abbi Spinner McBride

Sisters of the Moon – Heather Houston

Sto Mi E Milo — Traditional Macedonian, arr. by Kitka

Storm of Sound – Valerie Byrne

Sun Shine — Jan Estep

Take Me To The Edge – Heather Houston

Tending the Spark — Heather Houston

Thank You Song – Heather Houston

The Earth Delights – Heather Houston

The Earth Holds Me – Heather Houston

The Lost Words Blessing — Various Artists

The Monday Morning Song – Heather Houston

The Veil — Heather Houston

The World We Want to See — Heather Houston

Vocal Meditation Practice – Major Scale

Wade in the Water Medley – Traditional Spirituals

Wave of Women – Heather Houston

We Only Have Today — Heather Houston

Wind – Heather Houston

Wood Stone by Joules Graves

You Are Light by Heather Houston

You Are So Loved — Heather Houston

You Belong Here — Heather Houston

You Don’t Know Till You Know — Heather Houston

Zominamina from the Ivory Coast



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Blessing Songs (5)

Breath (4)

Calling in Directions (1)

Calling in Elements (5)

Children (3)

Climate Change (4)

Closers (1)

Community (20)

Courage (15)

Devotional (5)

Divine Mother (2)

Earth Wisdom (20)

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Healing (21)

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Hope (20)

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Inner Wisdom (4)

Inspiration (19)

Inspirational (8)

Joyful (17)

Letting Go (8)

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Mantra (9)

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Opener (9)

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Perseverance (3)

Personal Growth (11)

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River (5)

Self Love (6)

Shruti Box Friendly (10)

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