Heather’s Song Library

A public song library for everyone! Most of the songs in this library are my original compositions. There are a few by other composers that I have permission to share, but most of the songs I part out for my singers are kept private out of respect for the original artists. You are welcome to learn these songs and share them. Please carry each one with care, telling as much of the story and origin as you can before you teach the song. View songs by category

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Apache Honoring Song

Bele Mama – Cameroon, West Africa

Birthday Blessing by Heather Houston

Chant to Nana by Heather Houston

Cherokee Morning Song – Traditional

Conversation With a Raven – Heather Houston

Divine Mystery by Heather Houston

E Malama – Bryan Kessler or Mark and Sharie Anderson

Earth My Body – Source Unknown

Evening Rise – Composer Unknown

Full Moon Chant by Heather Houston

Gayatri Mantra – Traditional Vedic Chant

Hope Lingers On – Low Lily

How Sweet the Sound by Doug Vonkoss

I Am Enough – Heather Houston

I Wonder by Heather Houston

I’m Going Back – Heather Houston

Infinite Bliss – Heather Houston

Ise Oluwa from West Africa

Let the Light Shine In by Heather Houston

Lingmara – Australian Aboriginal Chant arr. by Tom E. Lewis

Lokah Samastah

Love Moves In Me – Heather Houston

Mochi Numba from Kenya

Monday Morning

Oh Holy Morn by Heather Houston

Put Your Roots Down – Composer Unknown

Rainforest Chant from Ituri Rainforest (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Re-Wild My Soul – Heather Houston

Rising Strong by Heather Houston

Show Me the Way – Heather Houston

Sto Mi E Milo from Macedonia

Tending the Spark by Heather Houston

The Earth Delights – Heather Houston

The Monday Morning Song by Heather Houston

The Veil Between Worlds by Heather Houston

Wade in the Water Medley – Traditional Spirituals

Wave of Women – Heather Houston

Wood Stone by Joules Graves

You Are Light by Heather Houston

You Are So Loved by Heather Houston

Zominamina from the Ivory Coast