Rising Strong by Heather Houston

Inspired by the youth in our nation who are rising strong! Dedicated to the people who are committed to all of the powerful movements that are happening in our nation. This song flowed through shortly after the Parkland school shooting happened.

© Heather Houston 2018
All rights reserved


As always, you are welcome to sing and share my songs. All I ask is that you give credit and tell the story if there is one. If you need practice tracks for your groups, please use my SoundCloud files. Thank you!


Part 1:
Oh take my hand now, yes you belong.
And lift your voice now, we’ll sing this song.
And we will root down into the ground now,
we’re rising strong, yeah, we’re rising strong.

Part 2 and 3:

Part 4 and 5:
And we are warriors of the light,
and we are stronger when we unite.
We are here to waken the love.
We are rising strong, yeah we’re rising strong!