Now I Walk In Beauty — A Navajo Prayer

A Navajo prayer put to music by Gregg Smith. Made popular by Libana. This is a sweet round with a big vocal range. Be sure that you are nice and warmed up before you sing it.


Now I walk in beauty
Beauty is before me
Beauty is behind me
Above and below me

Apache Honoring Song

I learned this chant from a Walela CD. This is a simplified version that I arranged for my circles and my choir. In my women’s singing circles, I have women take turns standing in the middle to receive the blessing of women’s voices singing them home. We sometimes speak out loud what we see and honor about the woman / women standing in the center.


This traditional chant is in the public domain.


Yo way ee oh, yo way oh way
Yo way oh hi ya, yo way oh hi ee ya
Yo wa oh, hey ya, hey yo, hey ya, hey yo, hey ya, hey yo yo way