Oh Holy Morn by Heather Houston

Oh Holy Morn – Heather Houston

I received this sweet song on the beautiful frosty morning of Dec. 22nd, 2017. I harmonized it on Dec. 21st or 2019. I just love those tight harmonies! It can also be sung as a round.


Oh holy morn of frosty winter
Dawn of loves returning light
Speak to me in songs of wonder
Teach my heart to shine so bright

© Heather Houston 2017
All rights reserved

Conversation With a Raven – Heather Houston

A super fun song to sing!!

I was walking back to my car after leading a Sisters in Harmony retreat at 1440 Multiversity – it was a transformational time in my life – a great time of leaning into my power and surrendering to the unfolding of my soul’s purpose. This raven hopped toward me, right to the edge of a car in the lot – not more than a foot away. It started by checking out my shiny earrings, and then looked directly into my eyes, into my soul… and we had a psychic conversation that went something like this…


A conversation, with a raven,
A conversation, yes I had,
A conversation, with a raven,
And I said,
I’ve never had a conversation
with a raven

How I love your sparkling earrings
And your eyes so bright
Oh please would you
Let me take them
Home with me tonight?

Let me take you to worlds between
Through the portals of things unseen
We’ll unveil the magic of your innermost dreams
We’ll harness the power of your brave Queen

© Heather Houston 2019
All rights reserved

Evening Rise – Composer Unknown

An absolute favorite in my song circles and in my choir. The harmonies are hauntingly beautiful, easy enough to learn and very satisfying for everyone once they get all of the parts. I learned this song from my dear friend Lydia Neilsen, who learned it in her permaculture community. As far as I can tell, this song is in the public domain. I have not been able to track down the composer. Please let me know if you have any information.


Evening rise, spirits come
Sun goes down when the day is done
Mother Earth awakens me
to the heartbeat of the sea

Apache Honoring Song

I learned this chant from a Walela CD. This is a simplified version that I arranged for my circles and my choir. In my women’s singing circles, I have women take turns standing in the middle to receive the blessing of women’s voices singing them home. We sometimes speak out loud what we see and honor about the woman / women standing in the center.


This traditional chant is in the public domain.


Yo way ee oh, yo way oh way
Yo way oh hi ya, yo way oh hi ee ya
Yo wa oh, hey ya, hey yo, hey ya, hey yo, hey ya, hey yo yo way


The Veil Between Worlds by Heather Houston

This hauntingly beautiful layer song poured through me on All Hallow’s Eve in 2017. I was in the kitchen doing dishes, and was summoned to sit near my altar by candlelight to receive this song. I like to offer a space for the women in my circles to name and deeply honor a few of their ancestors.

© Heather Houston
All rights reserved


Part 1:
The veil between worlds it is opening.
The spirits are calling our names
To listen to their wisdom
To gather round sacred flame.

Part 2:
In the silence we hear them
Voices from the past
Giving name to illusion
Truth that we have outcast

Difficulty Level: 4

Tending the Spark — Heather Houston

A song for these uncertain times. Inspired by one of Joanna Macy’s talks at a Bioneers Conference.

© Heather Houston
All rights reserved


And we will care for each other
As the world around us unravels
And we will tend to the spark
Of hope that lives within our grieving hearts
And we are here now, in this present moment
Lifting our voices and hearts
And we are here now, we have come together
We are tending the spark of hope
Oh may it grow
And we will care for each other

Difficulty Level: 4