Braving the Wilderness — Anne Woodward

Our very own Sisters in Harmony Song Leader Training graduate Anne shares this song with us:

With gratitude to Brené Brown and her book, “Braving the Wilderness.” There is a yearning, especially in women, to find their voice and express themselves. For most of my life, I’ve been deferential (particularly around men), avoiding arguments and fearing confrontation, finding it difficult to speak up, even when encountering negativity, judgment, b.s., or polarization (things I know in my heart aren’t helping foster connection). Each time I remain quiet, I give away my power. We “brave the wilderness,” when we act with integrity by speaking up and voicing our opinion (with civility), rather than remaining silent… even when it’s not easy. And the more often we do so, the more graceful our delivery, and the more awesome it feels to be true to ourselves!

3 parts: melody, vocalized syncopated beat low layer, and high harmony


I’m a woman
Who wants to be heard
I’m a woman, singing her song
I’m a woman, braving the wilderness
Speaking my voice
And rising strong

We are women
Who want to be heard
We are women
Singing our songs
We are women
Lifting our voices
And braving the wilderness
To right what’s wrong

Braving the wilderness to right what’s wrong
Braving the wilderness to right… what’s… wrong…

© Anne Woodward 06/2021
All rights reserved

Ride Your Thermals — Anne Woodward

Our very own Sisters in Harmony Song Leader Training graduate Anne shares this song with us:

When anxious, I feel physical sensations of unrest coursing through my veins. It’s an unpleasant feeling – and, when it happens, I know the struggle my body is having is created by patterned ways of thinking (limiting beliefs). Recently, I felt that familiar sensation of anxiety in my body. I wanted to let go of the thoughts creating fear, so I decided to write a Medicine Song to help me shift my awareness. I remembered a powerful essay by DeWitt Jones that I’d read 20 years ago… It deeply impacted me at the time and I wanted to capture its wisdom in a song for myself. So, I re-read the essay, “Stop Flapping,” by DeWitt Jones… and this is the song that came through.


Quit flapping, ride your thermals
Rise, baby, rise
Stop struggling, ride your thermals
Rise, baby, rise

Trust that they are there
No need to worry or be scared
Move to your edge
Let go and soar…

© Anne Woodward 7/2021
All rights reserved

The Earth Holds Me – Heather Houston

For the moments we need to feel held and connected – to be able to sink in and feel resourced. I use the lyrics earth, sea, tree, sky, stars, but please use as a zipper song and invite yourself or your participants to bring their ideas in to the mix.


The earth holds me
so I can hold others,
yes I can hold others,
these arms are strong.

In this version I add in:
Sea, tree, sky, stars, sun, etc…

© Heather Houston
All rights reserved

Sing Through My Voice – Abbi Spinner McBride

Sing Through My Voice
by Abbi Spinner McBride
Originally titled Let the Way be Open
Made popular by Beautiful Chorus

Recorded with permission

Sing through my voice
Play through my hands
Let the way be open

This song is in the public domain

Brave Magic – Heather Houston

Inspired by a retreat led by Cheryl Strayed and Elizabeth Gilbert at 1440 Multiversity entitled “Brave Magic.” I had the absolute honor of leading a song circle of 75 people and this chant came through for them.

You are welcome to sing and share this song. Recording is not permitted.

I am opening to the mystery
Allowing creativity to flow
And there is brave magic in my heart
And I will keep tending to that spark

© Heather Houston
All rights reserved

Show Me What Is Mine to Do — Heather Houston

As we continue to navigate our way in these confounding times, I find it helpful to make requests like: “Show me what is mine to do. Truly mine, not anyone else’s. Please continue revealing to me my own unique path. How can I share my gifts? How can I best be of service to my community?”

Show me what is mine to do

© Heather Houston
July 2020

Sa Amba Sahda Shiva — Sanskrit Chant

Shiva is a Hindu God, a destroyer who ends the cycle of time which, in turn, begins a new Creation. At the highest level, Lord Shiva is regarded as limitless, formless, transcendent, and unchanging. This chant reminds us that Shiva (the energy of destruction and regeneration) is always accompanied by the eternal Mother of the Universe.


Sa Amba Sada Shiva
Sa Amba Shiva Om
Sa Amba Sada Shiva
Sa Amba Shiva Om

Om Mata, Om Mata
Om shri Mata Jagadumba
Om Mata, Om Mata
Om shri Mata Jagadumba


The ever auspicious Lord Shiva is one with the Divine Mother
Oh Mother, Oh Mother
Radiant Mother, Mother of the Universe

Music composer unknown
Arranged by Heather Houston

The World We Want to See — Heather Houston

A song for these COVID times… We are transforming before our own eyes… Let’s stay awake, do the deep work, have the hard conversations, activate, dream, imagine, vision, and create the world we want to live in.

We are creating the world we wanna see
We are creating the world we wanna see
We are creating the world we wanna be
We’re calling ourselves to believe
We’re calling ourselves to be free

© Heather Houston 6/2020
All rights reserved

Keep Movin’ Forward My Darlin’ – Valerie Bynne

Keep Movin’ Forward My Darlin’ by Valerie Byrne

Written for Greta Thunberg, Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez and all of the women in the world who are moving forward with purpose and passion! Keep movin’ forward loves! We see you, we support you, we appreciate you!! Thank you for writing this powerful song Valerie! We love it!


Keep movin’ forward my darlin’
Keep movin’ on my love
You know you are the beloved one
To answer to your calling

© Valerie Byrne
All rights reserved

Storm of Sound – Valerie Byrne

A beautiful layer song of empowerment. This one came through Valerie the day of the 2019 Women’s march. We like to get everyone marching to the beat together to feel even more deeply the solidarity of the community. Valerie is a long time member of my women’s choir Yala Lati and has been writing more and more songs for us to enjoy!

Part 1
A storm of sound, a growing thunder
What will change? I wonder?

Part 2
We are the voice of this age
Let your voice rage rage like thunder

Part 3
We are the one walking in truth
Let your voice rage like thunder

Storm of Sound