Sun Shine — Jan Estep

Our very own Sisters in Harmony Song Leader Training graduate Jan shares this song with us:

A four-part layer song, written to celebrate the power and healing presence of the Sun. Multiple harmonies and rhythms stack together, bursting with light and energy. For anyone who has experienced dark days of depression, being outside on a bright sunny day is natural medicine.


Parts 1 & 2, melody and higher harmony:

Sun shine down on me, let my body breath the light
Sun shine down on me, let my body feel your warmth
Sun shine down on me, help me thaw these frozen bones
Sun shine down on me, help me find my way back home

Part 3, low:

Sun shine, sun shine, healing me, setting me free (4x)

Part 4, high:

Shine your light (2x)
Shine your light, shine your light, shine your light, shine your light (2x)

© Jan Estep 05/18/2021
All rights reserved
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Mama Gaia – Heather Houston

A tribute to our beautiful Mother Earth. This one flowed through on a warm Spring day in 2020 with the energy of gratitude in my heart! Sung in a round. It’s quite challenging vocally, so make sure that you and your participants are good and warmed up, and invite them to breathe deeply.

Oh Mama Gaia
Oh Mama Gaia
Oh Mama Gaia
We sing our praise to you!

Keep Movin’ Forward My Darlin’ – Valerie Bynne

Keep Movin’ Forward My Darlin’ by Valerie Byrne

Written for Greta Thunberg, Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez and all of the women in the world who are moving forward with purpose and passion! Keep movin’ forward loves! We see you, we support you, we appreciate you!! Thank you for writing this powerful song Valerie! We love it!


Keep movin’ forward my darlin’
Keep movin’ on my love
You know you are the beloved one
To answer to your calling

© Valerie Byrne
All rights reserved

Storm of Sound – Valerie Byrne

A beautiful layer song of empowerment. This one came through Valerie the day of the 2019 Women’s march. We like to get everyone marching to the beat together to feel even more deeply the solidarity of the community. Valerie is a long time member of my women’s choir Yala Lati and has been writing more and more songs for us to enjoy!

Part 1
A storm of sound, a growing thunder
What will change? I wonder?

Part 2
We are the voice of this age
Let your voice rage rage like thunder

Part 3
We are the one walking in truth
Let your voice rage like thunder

Storm of Sound

I Am Enough — Heather Houston

For the New Moon in Aries 2020. It’s time for all of us to trust our own worth and allow our spirits to shine! The world needs us!!


Part 1
I am enough, I am more than enough
I am enough, I am more than enough
I am enough, I am more than enough
And I’m reclaiming my power

Part 2
There is room enough for me to be
Exactly who I was born to be
And I will set my true gifts free
‘Cause I’m reclaiming my power

Part 3
I’m a unique expression of the Divine
And I’m here to let my spirit shine!

© Heather Houston
all rights reserved

Infinite Bliss – Heather Houston

This fun polyrhythmic chant came to me on the winds at Pinnacles National Monument. I love to hike alone there and experience “the hills are alive with the sound of music” kinds of moments. 🙂 It’s vast and spacious and filled with fields of wildflowers! Absolute bliss! So this song got titled Infinite Bliss.

I like to really break down the rhythms on this one, pointing out the up beats and down beats at the beginning of each phrase.

© Heather Houston 2005
All rights reserved

Conversation With a Raven — Heather Houston

A super fun song to sing!!

I was walking back to my car after leading a Sisters in Harmony retreat at 1440 Multiversity — it was a transformational time in my life, a great time of leaning into my power and surrendering to the unfolding of my soul’s purpose. This raven hopped toward me, right to the edge of a car in the lot, not more than a foot away. It started by checking out my shiny earrings, and then looked directly into my eyes, into my soul…

And we had a psychic conversation that went something like this…


A conversation, with a raven,
A conversation, yes I had,
A conversation, with a raven,
A conversation, and I said,
I’ve never had a conversation
with a raven

How I love your sparkling earrings
And your eyes so bright
Oh please would you
Let me take them
Home with me tonight?

Let me take you to worlds between
Through the portals of things unseen
We’ll unveil the magic of your innermost dreams
We’ll harness the power of your brave Queen

© Heather Houston 2019
All rights reserved

Put Your Roots Down – Molly Hartwell

A fun, rhythmic, layer song inviting us to listen deeply to the rhythm of the Earth and the sound of the river. The composer of this song is my dear soul sister in song Molly Hartwell. She calls it “Root Down.” Received by Molly way back in the early 2000’s, this song has traveled far and wide and Molly gives her blessing for you to sing it however you have arranged it for your singers. Molly recorded her original version for us. It’s posted below for reference. Enjoy! To hear more of Molly’s voice, check out our SIRENZ album!

by Molly Hartwell

Recorded with permission


Molly singing her original version:

Heather singing her arrangement of Molly’s song:



When you listen to the ground and you put your roots down,

you can hear what she says if you’re listening. x2

The sweet sound of the river as she moves over the stones

the same song that the blood in your body sings

as it weaves around your bones.

When your listening

When your listening

Are you listening?


Part 1: Put your roots down, put your feet on the ground, can you hear what she says when you listen?

Part 2: Cause the sound of the river as it moves across the stone is the same sound as the blood in your body as it moves across your bones.

Part 3: Are you listening?


Wood Stone by Joules Graves

This song is a most beloved classic in my song circles. I’ve been teaching it since 2005 and everyone loves it! It’s one that people can really sing out on. I typically use a rattle to help keep the beat. Enjoy!

This song is in the public domain
Arrangement by Heather Houston


Wood stone feather and bone
Roaring of the ocean guide us home
High angel singing
In my soul
River sea redwood tree
Howling of the wind gonna set us free
High angel singing
In my soul

Rainforest Chant from Ituri Rainforest (Democratic Republic of Congo)

I learned this chant from Silvia Nakkach and Alba Lirio. Brought to Silvia and Alba through Ysaye Barnwell. Quote from Ysaye Barnwell of Sweet Honey in the Rock: “[This chant is] sung to pull all of the members of the community into the center of the community. It can be sung for hours and, some people say, even days. If that’s what it takes to pull everyone into a like‐mindedness.” I’ve also heard that the chief of the village would know that it was time to resolve a conflict when he could hear a melody being sung over the top with overtones. And I actually heard that overtone melody once, with my very first circle of song leader trainees! Amazing!

A real crowd pleaser in my circles, and a beautiful way to entrain the group. Can be done more slowly at first.

This song is in the public domain.


Ama ee boo oh ee ay
Ama ee boo oh ee ay

Slow Version:

Fast Version: