Listen — Heather Houston

This elegant, mystical, circular song flowed through me for the Winter Solstice of 2020, inviting us to trust the wisdom of our own hearts. Enjoy!

Shruti box in A, or singing bowl in D.

You’re welcome to share this song with others. Recording is not permitted. Thank you.


The answer lies within me
Deep within my heart
The wisdom I am seeking
Divine love will impart

© Heather Houston
All rights reserved

Chant to Oshun – Traditional Yoruba Chant

Chant to Oshun – Traditional Yoruba chant
Taught to me by Alba Lirio

Recorded with permission

In devotion to the Yoruba Goddess of the fresh waters, an expression of sweetness, sensuality, femininity, beauty, love, and overflowing joy. A favorite in our Sisters in Harmony circles.

Ay ye ye, ay ye ye Ma Mai Oshun x2
Ay ye ye Ma Mai Oshun, Ay ye ye Oshun mare x2

This song is in the public domain