Oh Holy Morn by Heather Houston

Oh Holy Morn – Heather Houston

I received this sweet song on the beautiful frosty morning of Dec. 22nd, 2017. I harmonized it on Dec. 21st or 2019. I just love those tight harmonies! It can also be sung as a round.


Oh holy morn of frosty winter
Dawn of loves returning light
Speak to me in songs of wonder
Teach my heart to shine so bright

© Heather Houston 2017
All rights reserved

Cherokee Morning Song – Traditional

Chanting the sun up! This one resonates deeply with my soul. I thank the ones who channeled this beautiful song through. Learned from from a Waleala CD.

Public Domain


Winde ya ho
Winde ya ho
Winde ya
Winde ya
Ho ho ho ho
Hey oh hey oh
Ya ya ya