Be Gentle — Heather Houston

This song came through right after our first big Sisters in Harmony Retreat in the Summer of 2022. I was feeling so tender and expanded and wanted to remain in that post retreat bliss bubble for longer. The “shoulds” were beginning to creep in… “I should unpack my car, I should start some laundry, I should go jump in the ocean, I should….” But all I really wanted to do was lie in the shade on my deck and feel it all, to integrate it all, to stay connected to the powerful energy of love in my heart. I imagined that some of the women from the retreat were having a similar experience. When I tuned in to the community, this song started emerging for us. “Be gentle with yourself.” Give yourself total permission to do whatever you desire… just for the rest of the day at least. 😉

Be gentle with yourself
Please be gentle with yourself

Heather Houston
© 07/2022

Simplify — Anne Woodward

Our very own Sisters in Harmony Song Leader Training graduate Anne shares this song with us:

A medicine song for those times when we find ourselves on overwhelm. Simplify: breathe, let go, and create spaciousness.


Breathe in, let go,
Embrace the flow,

Breathe in, let go,
Let Spirit flow,

Sing my way home to love.
Sing my way home to peace.
Sing my way home to love.
Sing my way home to me.

© Anne Woodward  2/17/2021
All rights reserved

River of Kindness — Heather Houston

Inspired by a Continuum Movement practice led by Beth Riley. Awakening the rivers of love and kindness within.

A river of kindness flows through me
Undulating her way to the sea
Surrendering to love’s embrace
Held within the arms of grace

© Heather Houston
All rights reserved

Listen — Heather Houston

This elegant, mystical, circular song flowed through me for the Winter Solstice of 2020, inviting us to trust the wisdom of our own hearts. Enjoy!

Shruti box in B♭ (B♭ and F open), or singing bowl in D.

You’re welcome to share this song with others. Recording is not permitted. Thank you.


The answer lies within me
Deep within my heart
The wisdom I am seeking
Divine love will impart

© Heather Houston
All rights reserved

Love Is Moving in My Heart — Rickie Byars

I learned this uplifting song when the Agape choir sang at the opening celebration for 1440 Multiversity. Great song to get you going in the morning! It’s a zipper song: add one of your own words in.

This song is in the public domain
Used with permission


Love is moving in my heart in a (joyful, loving, easy, etc.) way x2
Shining like the sun, warming up my day
Love is moving me on my way

Sacred Vessel – Heather Houston

A love song to the body temple, and a prayer that we all may treat our bodies as the sacred vessels they are. The healing wisdom lies within.

My body is a sacred vessel
That cycles with the stars and the moon
My body is a sacred vessel
Her rhythm is always in tune
And I cherish who she is becoming
And I listen to the wisdom she brings
I love her as she is in this moment
I am lifted as she sings

My body is a sacred vessel
That sheds my tears
And embraces the rain
My body is a sacred vessel
There is wisdom in her pain
And I honor her in her fullest expression
I’m opening to all that she feels
And I am thankful for the journey we’re sharing
I am lifted as she heals

My body is a sacred vessel
That holds my heart
And frees my soul
My body is a sacred vessel
Her every need I come to know
And I treat her with compassion and kindness
And I hold her close and remove all her sheathes
I invite her to dance with grace and devotion
I am lifted as she breathes