Put Your Roots Down – Molly Hartwell

A fun, rhythmic, layer song inviting us to listen deeply to the rhythm of the Earth and the sound of the river. The composer of this song is my dear soul sister in song Molly Hartwell. She calls it “Root Down.” Received by Molly way back in the early 2000’s, this song has traveled far and wide and Molly gives her blessing for you to sing it however you have arranged it for your singers. Molly recorded her original version for us. It’s posted below for reference. Enjoy! To hear more of Molly’s voice, check out our SIRENZ album!

by Molly Hartwell

Recorded with permission


Molly singing her original version:

Heather singing her arrangement of Molly’s song:



When you listen to the ground and you put your roots down,

you can hear what she says if you’re listening. x2

The sweet sound of the river as she moves over the stones

the same song that the blood in your body sings

as it weaves around your bones.

When your listening

When your listening

Are you listening?


Part 1: Put your roots down, put your feet on the ground, can you hear what she says when you listen?

Part 2: Cause the sound of the river as it moves across the stone is the same sound as the blood in your body as it moves across your bones.

Part 3: Are you listening?