Braving the Wilderness — Anne Woodward

Our very own Sisters in Harmony Song Leader Training graduate Anne shares this song with us:

With gratitude to Brené Brown and her book, “Braving the Wilderness.” There is a yearning, especially in women, to find their voice and express themselves. For most of my life, I’ve been deferential (particularly around men), avoiding arguments and fearing confrontation, finding it difficult to speak up, even when encountering negativity, judgment, b.s., or polarization (things I know in my heart aren’t helping foster connection). Each time I remain quiet, I give away my power. We “brave the wilderness,” when we act with integrity by speaking up and voicing our opinion (with civility), rather than remaining silent… even when it’s not easy. And the more often we do so, the more graceful our delivery, and the more awesome it feels to be true to ourselves!

3 parts: melody, vocalized syncopated beat low layer, and high harmony


I’m a woman
Who wants to be heard
I’m a woman, singing her song
I’m a woman, braving the wilderness
Speaking my voice
And rising strong

We are women
Who want to be heard
We are women
Singing our songs
We are women
Lifting our voices
And braving the wilderness
To right what’s wrong

Braving the wilderness to right what’s wrong
Braving the wilderness to right… what’s… wrong…

© Anne Woodward 06/2021
All rights reserved

You Don’t Know Till You Know — Heather Houston

How many times have we made up stories and run with them, only to find out that they were untrue? Anyone? Okay, maybe it’s just me, and oh boy have I worked myself into some agony, some anxiety, some fear, some disbelief! I get better at catching myself sooner as I grow more hairs of wisdom on my head. And this song really helps. 🙂

This is a super fun and easy quick teach!


Part 1:
You don’t till you know
so don’t run and go
making up
any stories

Part 2:
No, you don’t know
till you know,
you know?

Part 3:
You don’t know
if it’s true
you know?

© Heather Houston
August 2021
All rights reserved

I Trust — Heather Houston

Opening to trust…


Parts 1 & 2:
Oh I trust
in the flow
of the infinite,
the benevolent

Parts 3 & 4:
All things come to me
with ease and grace

© Heather Houston
October 2021
All rights reserved

Shadows and Light — Heather Houston

Received on the morning of the Fall Equinox of 2021 at sunrise. A hauntingly beautiful layer song!


Part 1:
Honoring the darkness,
Honoring the light,
Honoring the day,
Honoring the night

Part 2:
All things find their way
into balance

Part 3:
Suspended in time

Part 4:
Shadows and light

Part 5, highest voice:
Suspended in time

© Heather Houston
September 21, 2021
All rights reserved

My Spirit is Resilient – Heather Houston

Positive affirmations for this human experience.


My spirit is resilient
My body heals
My mind knows its brilliance
And my precious heart it feels

© Heather Houston
All rights reserved

Bathed in Moonlight – Heather Houston

Moon bathing magic. Simple, quiet, gentle, easy to learn. To be sung quietly, as a lullaby.


Bathed in moonlight,
Soft breeze
Quiet night

Don chit dit di deet don don don
Don chit dit di deet don

Low Harmony:
Dom dom dom dom
Dom dom dom dom

High Harmony:

© Heather Houston
All rights reserved

Shosholoza – Traditional song from Zimbabwe

Shosholoza From Zimbabwe

“Shosholoza” is an Nguni song that was sung by the mixed tribes of miners mining gold in South Africa. It is a mix of Zulu and Ndebele words and can have various other South African languages thrown in depending on the singers. It was sung by African workers that were working in the South African mines in a call and response style. As the miners sang, their spirits were lifted.

The lyrics of the song refer to the steam trains that used to carry migrant miners from Zimbabwe to South Africa. But as the melody suggests, the song is really about hope. Literally, Shosholoza means “go forward” in the Ndebele language. In the late 20th century, anti-apartheid activists found the song inspiring and used it to keep up their hopes. Then, when apartheid fell, the song became a vehicle for national reconciliation. As depicted in the movie “Invictus,” South Africans of all backgrounds joined together in singing Shosholoza in willing their team to victory in the 1995 rugby World Cup. Today, Shosholoza is an unofficial South African national anthem and reminds us that change is possible.

So fun to sing!!!

This song is in the public domain.

Kulezo ntaba
Stimbela siphubme South Africa
Wen’ uyabaleka
Kulezo ntaba
Stimbela siphubme South Africa

Go forward
You are meandering on those mountains
The train is from South Africa

You accelerate
you accelerate
on those mountains
The train is from South Africa

Sacred Fire – Heather Houston

“Women we’re calling you… home to the sacred fire.
Healing our hearts, planting our seeds,
Weaving our prayers, amplifying our dreams.”

Women, we know how powerful it is to gather in circle with our sisters. Let’s keep calling ourselves home, each other home. It is here, in this sacred container that we find the courage to heal and transform our lives.

© Heather Houston 2019
All rights reserved

Storm of Sound – Valerie Byrne

A beautiful layer song of empowerment. This one came through Valerie the day of the 2019 Women’s march. We like to get everyone marching to the beat together to feel even more deeply the solidarity of the community. Valerie is a long time member of my women’s choir Yala Lati and has been writing more and more songs for us to enjoy!

Part 1
A storm of sound, a growing thunder
What will change? I wonder?

Part 2
We are the voice of this age
Let your voice rage rage like thunder

Part 3
We are the one walking in truth
Let your voice rage like thunder

Storm of Sound

Right Here Now – Heather Houston

This song moved through me, for you, for all of us, on Easter Sunday 2020. What you are hearing is the song in raw form, unrehearsed, first time I ever sang it, recorded on my iPhone. I have no need or desire to perfect anything. May it be an invitation for you, as it was for me, to pause in the perfection of the present moment.


Right here now, in this present moment,
Right here now, I am singing
Right here now in this present moment,
Right here now, I am breathing

Pause with the exhale, let go surrender

All is well, I am held in the arms of Love
​​​​​​​All is well, I am held by the One

Right here now, this is holy ground
Right here now, this is sacred sound

© Heather Houston
All rights reserved