Easy Does It Now — Heather Houston

A beautiful reminder to tune INTO our voices — pure enjoyment, pure bliss, pure pleasure.

Easy does it now
Slow it down
Feel the sound
As you breathe, sing, freely now
Tune, croon, swoon…

Heather Houston
© June 2022

You Don’t Know Till You Know — Heather Houston

How many times have we made up stories and run with them, only to find out that they were untrue? Anyone? Okay, maybe it’s just me, and oh boy have I worked myself into some agony, some anxiety, some fear, some disbelief! I get better at catching myself sooner as I grow more hairs of wisdom on my head. And this song really helps. 🙂

This is a super fun and easy quick teach!


Part 1:
You don’t know till you know
so don’t run and go
making up
any stories

Part 2:
No, you don’t know
till you know,
you know?

Part 3:
You don’t know
if it’s true
you know?

© Heather Houston
August 2021
All rights reserved

We Only Have Today — Heather Houston

One Sunday morning, in the midst of covid craziness, the Reverend Deborah Johnson preached: “We only have today, we only have right now.” And then this song poured out. It’s a reminder for me to be present with every precious moment in these rapidly changing times.


We only have today
We only have right now
This precious moment
I surrender and allow

© Heather Houston
July 2021
All rights reserved