Bathed in Moonlight – Heather Houston

Moon bathing magic. Simple, quiet, gentle, easy to learn. To be sung quietly, as a lullaby.


Bathed in moonlight,
Soft breeze
Quiet night

Don chit dit di deet don don don
Don chit dit di deet don

Low Harmony:
Dom dom dom dom
Dom dom dom dom

High Harmony:

© Heather Houston
All rights reserved

I’m Going Back – Heather Houston

A great rhythmic entrainment song. I love to get my singers moving their feet together on this one, and then eventually invite them to play the heart beat on their chest. This one flowed through one morning in thinking about recording my “Sisters of the Moon” album. It didn’t make it on the album, but it sure is fun to sing in circle. Enjoy!

© Heather Houston 2019
All rights reserved


I’m going back
to the earth
I’m going back
to be re-birthed
into the cycles of the moon
where I feel the rhythm of our unified
heart, beat
I’m going back

Full Moon Chant — Heather Houston

This chant flowed through me one magical full moon night while having a soak in my outdoor bathtub. Luxurious!


In the light of the full moon I am love
Offering my prayers to rise above
The thoughts and the fears that hold me down
From thriving on this earth
As she spins around

In the light of the full moon I am peace
Offering my heart to be released
From the things that no longer serve my soul
Knowing now that I am whole

© Heather Houston
All rights reserved

Professional recording from Heather’s Sisters of the Moon album, featuring her women’s choir, Yala Lati:

Rough recording from Heather’s GarageBand app:

How Sweet the Sound — Doug von Koss

A dreamy song that I learned around the campfire at Song Village. It can be sung just as is, or in a round. I loved it so much that I tracked down the composer and asked his permission to use it in my song library.

Recorded with permission from Doug.
Listen to his original version here  (with slightly different melody and small lyric changes.)


How sweet the sound was in the night,
the melody flowed like water,
the women sang of the moon’s delights,
and the men all sang about honey

© Doug von Koss
All rights reserved