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Prayers for the Water

This deeply moving album will invite you to relax into an inspiring and prayerful state of communion with the natural world around you. Heather Houston layers her heart-opening voice to create a rich tapestry of vocal harmonies, alive with reverence for our sacred waters.

Award-winning guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Todd Boston invokes the spirit of the water through his exquisite blend of musical artistry. The album also features the captivating Jami Sieber on cello, the soul-stirring Tammy Hall on piano, and the transcendent voices of Heather’s global music choir Yala Lati.

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Warriors of Love (Song)

A beautiful tribute to these times we are living in. This song was written the day after the 2016 Presidential election as an invitation for us all to stand in our spiritual power.

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SIRENZ is a creative fusion of four powerful voices. Heather Houston, Samantha Keller, Molly Hartwell, and Sage Mendez will ignite your spirit with their dynamic harmonies, funky beats and soul stirring lyrics.

These talented young women, who have all been singing, making music and performing their whole lives, compose their own originals and arrange traditional songs from around the globe.

Their sound is influenced by Sweet Honey in the Rock, Zap Mama, and CopperWimmin, yet they bring a unique flair to 3 part harmony. Layering in percussion and beatboxing to their organic melodies and rhythms, they create music that is eclectic and fresh!

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Dis Moi - Between Us

Dis Moi, meaning “tell me” in French is a soulful a cappella trio. Like water for your soul, these women evoke rivers of love and emotion that lead you to the depths of your heart. Their lyrics are raw, honest and deeply moving; their harmonies transcendent… inspiring you to listen to your own true calling.

Heather Houston, Samantha Keller and Tamar Fogel have been singing together for over 12 years. Now separated by country lines, we only have the pleasure of hearing them sing together live on very special occasions. So stay tuned!

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Aardvark Boogie Children's Album

This children’s album is sure to bring joyful smiles to kids and parents alike. It is the result of a collaboration between myself and my long-time friend Drew Freeman, who at the time had a personalized children’s book business, Aardvark Adventure Stories, here in Santa Cruz.

This collection of original songs written by Drew and myself matches the themes and spirits of his collection of adventure stories. These songs will take you and your kids into the heart of Africa, into outer space, and onto the treasure-hunting ship the Sea Noodle. Featured on the album are many of the finest musicians in the area, including Heather on vocals, Kevin DiNoto on percussion, Andy Zenczak on bass and guitar.

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