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Heather’s LA SongFest Songs

Songs that Heather taught at LA SongFest Hello beautiful people! It was absolutely delightful to spend the weekend singing together; opening our hearts, freeing our voices, and uplifting our lives! I’m truly grateful for all we shared. As always, you are welcome to sing and share my songs. All I ask is that you give […]

How Sweet the Sound by Doug Vonkoss

A dreamy song that I learned around the campfire at Song Village. It can be sung just as is, or in a round. I loved it so much that I tracked down the composer and asked his permission to use it in my song library. © Doug Vankoss All rights reserved Recorded with permission from […]

Sto Mi E Milo from Macedonia

My a cappella quartet, SIRENZ, and my Yala Lati Women’s choir love to sing this beautifully uplifting song from Macedonia! With my song circles, I will just teach the first verse. A song of hope and a vision of normalcy in a war torn part of the world. Tight harmonies and a 7/8 rhythm keep […]

Let the Light Shine In by Heather Houston

An inspirational multi-layered song inspiring us to open to the love and trust in the Source. © Heather Houston All Rights Reserved Lyrics:  Part 1: Opening to the love, trusting in the Source, moving with the flow of the water. Part 2: Listen Deeply Part 3 & 4: Let the light shine in, Hallelujah Part […]

Tending the Spark by Heather Houston

A song for these uncertain times. Inspired by one of Joanna Macy’s talks at a Bioneers Conference. © Heather Houston All rights reserved Difficulty Level: 5 Lyrics: And we will care for each other As the world around us unravels And we will tend to the spark of hope that lives within our grieving hearts […]

Ay Yai Yai by Megan Hawk

A fun multi-layered song in Spanish with latin rhythms that Megan wrote for her mama. © Megan Hawk All rights reserved Difficulty Level: 5 Lyrics: Part 1: Ay Yai Yai! Mi mama tan linda Ay Yai Yai! Mi mama quarida Part 2: Mi mama es un flor Tan bella divina Un estrella de amor Brillante […]