I’m Going Back – Heather Houston

A great rhythmic entrainment song. I love to get my singers moving their feet together on this one, and then eventually invite them to play the heart beat on their chest. This one flowed through one morning in thinking about recording my “Sisters of the Moon” album. It didn’t make it on the album, but it sure is fun to sing in circle. Enjoy!

© Heather Houston 2019
All rights reserved


I’m going back
to the earth
I’m going back
to be re-birthed
into the cycles of the moon
where I feel the rhythm of our unified
heart, beat
I’m going back

Show Me the Way — Heather Houston

This is a song about claiming our readiness for forward movement in our lives. It came through in a time when I was feeling stagnant and ready for a big shift. So I offered up my hands, my heart, my mind, my voice and asked Love to show me the way. And it did. Prayer is a powerful thing. We just need to find the courage to ask.

© 2018 Heather Houston
All rights reserved


Part 1:
I am openin’ to the fire that’s sparking the desire in my heart. Yeah!

Part 2:
I will lay my burdens down, get out the way, seize the day!

Part 3:
I will offer up these hands, yeah!
I will offer up this heart, yeah!
I will offer up this mind, yeah!
I will offer up this voice, yeah!

Part 4:
Show me the way! Yeah!


The Earth Delights – Heather Houston

Original Poetry by Khalil Gibran

A beautiful reminder of the intimate dance we do with the more than human world. This has been a favorite quote of mine for over 20 years, and I woke up one morning this Spring with this sweet little melody moving through. I love the syncopation of the harmonies. It’s so fun to play with the rhythm on this one. A fun challenge for my circles of singing women, and yours!

© 2019 Heather Houston
All rights reserved


The earth delights to feel your bare feet
And the wind longs to play with your hair

Wave of Women – Heather Houston

A powerful song inspired by the 2019 Women’s march. The theme was “A Wave of Women.” After the experience of singing to a sea of women and supporters of women on that day at our local Santa Cruz march, this song flowed through that very afternoon.

© 2019 Heather Houston
All rights reserved



We are a wave of women moving across the land
We are a wave of women rising to take a stand
for our brothers and sisters,
our daughters and sons,
for the Earth and her creatures,
we’re all chosen ones.


Full Moon Chant — Heather Houston

This chant flowed through me one magical full moon night while having a soak in my outdoor bathtub. Luxurious!


In the light of the full moon I am love
Offering my prayers to rise above
The thoughts and the fears that hold me down
From thriving on this earth
As she spins around

In the light of the full moon I am peace
Offering my heart to be released
From the things that no longer serve my soul
Knowing now that I am whole

© Heather Houston
All rights reserved

Professional recording from Heather’s Sisters of the Moon album, featuring her women’s choir, Yala Lati:

Rough recording from Heather’s GarageBand app:

Birthday Blessing — Heather Houston

Written for my Sisters in Harmony circles and my choir Yala Lati. A beautiful way to bless each other for our birthdays. We put the birthday women of the day or month into the middle of the circle and ask them to receive the blessing of our hearts and voices singing to them.

© Heather Houston
All rights reserved


We adore you beautiful one
We see your light shine like the sun
And we bless you on this day
Knowing angels guide the way

Chant to Nana by Heather Houston

In the Yoruba traditions, Nana is the Great Grandmother of all the Orishas, the Grandmother of our sacred waters, and the Mother of the Universe. This wise and revered Orisha embodies the spirit of the earth, the moon, the rain, mud, swamps and fresh spring waters. She is the energy of transformative healing powers. She watches over the women and is the protector of everything female. It is said that she has very little patience for men and surrounds herself mainly with priestesses. Women find comfort in her knowledge and strength. They flock to her for guidance and spiritual healing.

For many years I chanted chants to Nana with my teacher Alba Lirio. One day when I was driving through the hills of Marin, tending to my broken heart, an original melody flowed through me with lyrics to Nana. I clearly needed the healing energy she brings, and have been forever grateful for the gift of this chant. The women in my circles adore it as well.


Part 1: (the round)
Eh na na Eh na na Eh na na, Eh na na Eh na na Eh

Part 2: (the hight part)
Eh di na na eh wa
Eh wa eh wa
Eh wa eh wa eh

Part 3: (the low part)
Eh di na na eh wa
Eh wa eh wa
Eh wa eh wa

I Wonder — Heather Houston

This song came through in a difficult time. One morning I took myself on a long hike and prayed and opened to the magic of the Universe. This song dropped in as a mantra: “I wonder how easy this can be?” Singing and opening to the mystery, I got myself in a place of surrendered calm. When I got home, a piece of guidance dropped in, and within minutes, my prayers were answered, and the result was much better than I could have dreamed. A way was made out of seemingly no way. Grateful for the deep knowing that prayer is a powerful thing.

You are welcome to sing and share this song!

I wonder how easy this can be?

© 2019 Heather Houston
All rights reserved

You Are So Loved — Heather Houston

This song originally flowed through as a lullaby for parents and babies, but it has become a favorite within my circles of singers. We love to invite women into the center of the circle and sing to them when they are in need of some TLC.

My intent with this lullaby is for all humans to tap into the feeling of being deeply loved, deeply loved by our own selves, by our friends, by our communities and circles of friends, and then spreading that energy of love to our wider circles and sending it out to the planet for anyone in need of some nurturing.


You are so loved

© Heather Houston
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Album version with my choir!

Parts tracks:

(A note on the image on these SoundCloud files: I adore the energy of love and care that is captured in this painting by Katie m. Berggren.) 

Rising Strong — Heather Houston

Inspired by the youth in our nation who are rising strong! Dedicated to the people who are committed to all of the powerful movements that are happening around the globe. This song flowed through shortly after the Parkland, Florida school shooting happened.

© Heather Houston 2018
All rights reserved


Part 1:
Oh take my hand now, yes you belong
And lift your voice now, we’ll sing this song
And we will root down into the ground now
We’re rising strong, yeah, we’re rising strong

Parts 2 and 3:

Parts 4 and 5:
And we are warriors of the light
And we are stronger when we unite
We are here to waken the love
We are rising strong, yeah we’re rising strong!