The Monday Morning Song by Heather Houston

This fun little ditty flowed through on a Monday morning (big surprise, I know) when I was pressuring myself to get the whole week’s worth of tasks completed on Monday morning. It also works well to sing “January” in the month of January. Enjoy!

I like to get everyone moving around and mixing their voices in the center.

© Heather Houston 2018
All rights reserved


Part 1: You don’t have to get everything done on Monday morning, take a deep breath and tune in to your heart.

Part 2: Don’t take yourself so seriously, lighten the load, there’s beauty to see.

Part 3: Let it go, and learn to delegate.

The Veil Between Worlds by Heather Houston

This hauntingly beautiful layer song poured through me on All Hallow’s Eve in 2017. I was in the kitchen doing dishes, and was summoned to sit near my altar by candlelight to receive this song. I like to offer a space for the women in my circles to name and deeply honor a few of their ancestors.

© Heather Houston
All rights reserved


Part 1:
The veil between worlds it is opening.
The spirits are calling our names
To listen to their wisdom
To gather round sacred flame.

Part 2:
In the silence we hear them
Voices from the past
Giving name to illusion
Truth that we have outcast

Difficulty Level: 4

Tending the Spark by Heather Houston

A song for these uncertain times. Inspired by one of Joanna Macy’s talks at a Bioneers Conference.

© Heather Houston
All rights reserved


And we will care for each other
As the world around us unravels
And we will tend to the spark
of hope that lives within our grieving hearts
And we are here now, in this present moment
Lifting our voices and hearts
And we are here now, we have come together
We are tending the spark hope
Oh may it grow
And we will care for each other

Difficulty Level: 4



How Sweet the Sound by Doug Vonkoss

A dreamy song that I learned around the campfire at Song Village. It can be sung just as is, or in a round. I loved it so much that I tracked down the composer and asked his permission to use it in my song library.

© Doug Vankoss
All rights reserved

Recorded with permission from Doug


How sweet the sound was in the night,
the melody flowed like water,
the women sang of the moon’s delights,
and the men all sang about honey.

Difficulty Level: 2