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SIHG with MaMuse — May 9th, 2022


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Hello Dear Ones!

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Ay Yai Yai by Megan Hawk

A fun multi-layered song in Spanish with latin rhythms that Megan wrote for her mama.

© Megan Hawk

All rights reserved

Difficulty Level: 5


Part 1:

Ay Yai Yai! Mi mama tan linda

Ay Yai Yai! Mi mama quarida

Part 2:

Mi mama es un flor

Tan bella divina

Un estrella de amor

Brillante gigante

Part 3:

Dando su gran luz

A todo el mundo

Dando su gran luz

Con tanto fuego



Part 1:

Oh my gosh! My mom is so beautiful!

Oh my gosh! My mom is such a sweetheart

Part 2:

My mom is a flower

Beautiful and divine

A star of love

Brilliant and giant

Part 3:

Sharing her light with all of the world

Sharing her light with a lot of fire