SIHG with Karly Loveling and Amanda West — April 25th, 2022

Hello Dear Ones!

Beautiful to sing with you! Scroll down for our replay.

From Karly: 

Join Karly Loveling for uplifting, heartfelt songs with signing guidance from Dawn Song in an Online Sing & Sign session Tuesdays, 10:30-11:45am PDT. Whether you want to sing, sign or do both at the same time, our heart-opening and affirming group offers lots of great brain exercise, songs to carry you through your week, and silly jokes to keep us laughing as we connect virtually. Join Karly’s newsletter for updated links and information, You can also support her and enjoy some of her songs on her freshly released album, “Let me be the Love,” on Bandcamp,

From Amanda:
Thank you all again so much for singing with us!
I regularly lead Womb Song singing circles ( and also teach private lessons online and in person in Voice, Guitar, Ukulele & Songwriting (
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About the songs I shared ~
All Hands on Deck – currently in production via Patreon! You can listen to the rough version here:
(played on capo 4 with chords EM, D, A, C)

Spring Equinox Blessing:

Wake wake seeds of the earth

Now is the time of light and rebirth

Hear, hear this magical sound

And grow, grow, grow up out of the ground


Birthing Song (official title unknown):

(lyrics by Marilyn Harris with Ina May Gaskin at The Farm Midwifery Center)

I am feeling very open

Like a flower in the morn

Let my petals open

Let my dreams be born/Let my child be born/Let myself be born


Our Replay: