Sisters in Harmony Graduates’ Circle #1 — June 13th, 2022


Hello Everyone!

Please scroll down for the replay. Below is some information from each of the song leaders.

Please join us on Saturday, June 18th @ 11:00 am PDT to experience 8 more of our graduates stepping into their leadership!

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Song Leaders — in order of appearance: 


Margaret Ross



[email protected]


Lisa Pak

[email protected]

Wellness center in Westport, CT coming this fall, featuring live events such as sound bath meditations and women’s song circles. Please email me to keep updated on events and our Grand Opening! 

Website coming soon.


Susan Warmington

New Orleans 


Susan Andrea Warmington | LinkedIn


Laura Sera

Tend Her Heart: A Sisters in Harmony Circle

Outdoors in Santa Cruz, CA:

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[email protected]

My song, Only This Moment, will be available in Heather’s public song library soon, with parts tracks so you can learn the precise harmonies. If you’re interested in teaching it and would like the parts before that is up on her site, please reach out to me! This is the recording I made for our Zoom circle:


Heather Houston

Santa Cruz, CA

Founder of Sisters in Harmony

Holds in-person and online events and trainings

Check out her Events page:

Our next Song Leader Training begins in January of 2023

Song Heather Led: You Don’t Know Till You Know


Sarah Bentley 

Women’s new moon sacred singing circles in Austin, Texas


Valerie Byrne

Santa Cruz, CA

[email protected]


Marti Mariette

Director of the Santa Cruz Threshold Singers

Threshold Choir is an international organization with 100’s of choirs all across the world. Our songs bring calm and ease to bedsides of hospice patients, their families and caregivers.

The Santa Cruz chapter goes beyond the bedside with community singing that honors all sacred moments with song.

If you are interested in learning more about Threshold Choir please see our website at: 

If you are interested in singing with the Santa Cruz Chapter please contact: Marti Mariette at: [email protected]

Song Bath with Marti and Threshold Singers: 


Our Replay: