Sisters in Harmony Graduates’ Circle #2 — June 18th, 2022

Hello Wonderful People!

Thank you for joining us and supporting our graduates!

Our next Song Leader Training begins in January of 2023!

There’s still space in our Sisters in Harmony Summer Retreat! Please join us! 

Scroll down for the replay.




Our Song Leaders — in order of appearance:


Sarah Luchs[email protected]


Looby Macnamara runs full moon women’s nature connection and song circles at her place Applewood Permaculture Centre in Herefordshire, UK. She also brings songs into her Cultural Emergence courses. She will be doing online courses and circles later in the year. You can find out more and join her mailing list.

The song that Looby shared by Aly Halpert: Loosen Loosen


Tina Kurtz – [email protected]


Carol Marie

Singing events:



Jace LaVon Roe[email protected]


Sarah MacEwan


Nihal Kaur, MTCM, Dipl. O.M. (NCCAOM®) (She/Her) on unceded Nisenan Land

Join Nihal to experience the healing rhythms of the Earth through your voice, introspection, and life-changing ceremony.  To be notified of upcoming virtual events, join her waitlist here: 

Fall Eclipse Season (10/2022) – Healing Beyond: Healing the connection with those who have passed on so you can create peace, heal grief, and experience more support in your life

Winter Holy Nights (12/2022))- Receive Sacred Guidance: Expand your capacity to allow in Divine Support so you can be confident playing your sacred role in the world, without feeling like you are all on your own

Spring Eclipse Season (4/2023) – Awaken Your Soul Purpose: Align your career with your soul’s truth so you be fulfilled in your legacy without burning out


Andrea Brown[email protected]