Yala Lati Women’s Choir Concerts – Fall 2023

Thank you for joining us everyone! 

Here is a list of the songs we sang, and below that are both of the Zoom replays. Enjoy! 

Set 1

Sacred Fire – Heather Houston

Breathe in the Air (Raven) – Marca Cassidy

Shadows & Light – Heather Houston

Stand in that River – Moira Smiley

I am Blessed – Desiree Dawson

Your Lift me Up – Megan Hawk (no recording yet)

Akanamandla – South African Freedom Song

Warriors of Love – Heather Houston (powerful video that my friend Andrea Boston created for this song)

Set 2

Conversation with a Raven – Heather Houston

Prosperity Codex – Marya Stark

Subrali – Traditional Bulgarian Song

Only in Silence – Mackenzie Madrone

When the First Star Lights – Becky Reardon

Color Song – Maggie Rogers

A More Beautiful World -Heather Houston from the Title of a book by Charles Eisenstein ( not yet recorded for release)

Now is the Time – Heather Houston

Tending the Spark – Heather Houston

Saturday Replay:

Sunday Replay: