Here’s all the goodies from our song leaders and LeTa. Enjoy!!



From Heather:

Playlist: I created a playlist of all the original songs I shared.

Shruti Box: Several of you asked about purchasing a Shruti Box. Go to Get the ‘C440.’ Use ‘heatherhouston’ at checkout and save $10. They have THE BEST BRAND on the market. Do not buy a knock-off, you will not be happy with it. For instruction on how to use the Shruti Box, go here:

Upcoming Events with Heather:

Third Sunday Community Sing at CSL Santa Cruz @ 12:30 THIS SUNDAY – with special guests Val Byrne, Sarah MacEwan and Amanda West. TICKETS HERE

The Art of Mindful Singing FREE Intro Class on Sep. 14th: TICKETS HERE

The Art of Mindful Singing 9-week Fall Session (begins Sep. 21st): TICKETS HERE

Live Song Leader Training, Oct. 13th – 15th: TICKETS HERE

Sisters in Harmony Summer 2024 Retreat – SAVE THE DATES: June 27th – 30th (You all will be the first to know when registration opens in January or February.)









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From Becky:

Best way to connect with me is to visit my website at   Most of my songs and scores are
available there for digital download. I’m currently recording
a new album, which I think will be called ‘NI’ (for ‘Natural
Intelligence’).With gratitude for being able to share in community with you all,


Contact info for Debbie:

Soul Village Sept 21th – 24th
Available for private lessons online


From Kaitie Tye: 

Songs I brought:
It’s Okay by Kira Seto
Cherry Tomato by Sara Thomsen, arranged by Kaitie Ty Warren
My Grandfather (Where the Water Goes) by Kaitie Ty Warren
Mama’s Lament by Kaitie Ty Warren
T’Dumela/ We Are One by Brian Abrahams (T’Dumela) and Roxane Smith (We Are One) (sorry it’s really quiet)
Safe Here (by Kaitie Ty Warren and Amanda Mehl West; not recorded yet)
(personal, fine to request)
Tik Tok (contains music videos)
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From LeTa:

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