Sisters in Harmony Global with Arnaé Batson and Maggie Wheeler

October 10th, 2022

Upcoming Events with Heather:

Sisters in Harmony Global Zoom Sing with Alexandra Blakely and Lyndsey Scott – October 17th @ 4:00 pm PDT – On Zoom 

SHE Sings FREE Intro Class – Wednesday, October 12th @ 1:00 pm PDT – On Zoom

Santa Cruz Community Outdoor Sing @ CSL – Sunday, October 16th @ 12:30 pm – In Person

SHE Sings 9-Week Series – Begins Wednesday, October 19th @ 1:00 pm PDT – On Zoom

FREE Women’s Autumn Singing Circle  – Wednesday, November 2nd @ 7:00 pm PDT @ the Vet’s Hall – In Person

Women’s Deep Autumn Singing Circle Series– Begins Wednesday, November 16th @ 7:00 pm PDT – In Person

Song & Chant Leader Training – Begins January 18th @ 1:00 pm PDT – On Zoom

Links for Heather’s Albums:



Songs Heather Shared:

You Belong Here

Easy Does it Now

The Energy of Love

Earth Hold Me

Stay in Touch with:

Maggie Wheeler

Los Angeles October 29th in person Community Sing/ Concert with  Shireen Amini & Luke Wallace

Arnaé Batson