Sacred Women’s Circles Meet Singing

An online 9-week series devoted to going deeper

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Classes are held from 1:00 – 2:30 pm PT


Synchronize. Harmonize. Energize.

  • Synchronize your voice
  • Harmonize your heart
  • Energize your life


“Thank you so much for this SHE Sings course, Heather! It was so precious to come together with so many other women to learn to harmonize. It was such a beautiful opportunity to dive into the depths of my connection with self, sisters, and song. I am so grateful for having had these reminders every week of our connection and sisterhood, and the joyful presence of singing! This class has helped me feel much more connected, confident and able to to harmonize better! Thank you!” – Emily Boyer


Synchronize Personal Growth and Sisterhood:

  • Enjoy weekly check-ins with your sisters (in breakout groups)
  • Be witnessed, and be a witness to personal growth and transformation
  • Grow your community of women who love to sing in harmony
  • Go deeper with yourself, each other, the songs, and the Spirit of Life moving through you — each week Heather will bring different topics of exploration
  • Keep your videos ON — this will enable us to strengthen our community and help us all feel a deeper sense of intimacy, belonging, and trust
  • ALL of you is welcome here — bring your grief, your joy, your pain, your fear, your desires and dreams

Harmonize  Sonic Bliss & Skill Building:

  • Learn the secrets of holding your own part
  • Build your repertoire of harmony songs that open, inspire, and uplift
  • Discover the power of embodied listening
  • Develop better pitch, intonation, and ability to blend
  • Learn the basics of building chords so that you can begin to create your own harmonies
  • Enjoy videos and listen to MP3s that Heather has created to help you practice these skills

Energize Benefits of Circling & Singing:

  • Let go of negative beliefs about yourself, your voice, and your relationship with women
  • Get your weekly dose of oxytocin
  • Feel clear, open, and ignited!
  • Feel more aligned with your feminine spirit
  • Experience the power of intention and prayer woven with your voice
  • Fortify for these bumpy times
  • Heal yourself, heal the planet


“Heather is a master at creating a safe container for showing up as your authentic self and sharing wherever you are on your life path. Each song is empowering, nurturing, connecting with nature and Spirit, and encourages you to come alive, be in the present moment, dispel your inner critic, and live your best self. This is the class for you if you want to become a part of a community of uplifting women, practice your deep listening skills in a nonjudgmental atmosphere, and share in the beauty of harmony singing.” – Anne Woodward

The Basics:

  • Nine 90-minute Zoom calls (Replays available should you need to miss a call)
  • Weekly check-ins with your sisters in breakout groups
  • Weekly journal questions around the topics of self-growth and sisterhood
  • Playlist of this session’s collection of songs and chants with parts parted out
  • MP3s and videos to help you practice harmony singing
  • A free download of the Sisters of the Moon album


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