How Sweet the Sound by Doug Vonkoss

A dreamy song that I learned around the campfire at Song Village. It can be sung just as is, or in a round. I loved it so much that I tracked down the composer and asked his permission to use it in my song library.

© Doug Vankoss
All rights reserved

Recorded with permission from Doug


How sweet the sound was in the night,
the melody flowed like water,
the women sang of the moon’s delights,
and the men all sang about honey.

Difficulty Level: 2

Sto Mi E Milo from Macedonia

My a cappella quartet, SIRENZ, and my Yala Lati Women’s choir love to sing this beautifully uplifting song from Macedonia! With my song circles, I will just teach the first verse. A song of hope and a vision of normalcy in a war torn part of the world. Tight harmonies and a 7/8 rhythm keep it interesting. I learned this song from Kitka, who learned it from Ethel Raim.

Used with permission from the women of Kitka

Sheet Music: Please contact Heather through her website.



Oh, how I’d like to have shop is Struga! To have a shop in Struga where I can sit at the front of the store and watch the Struga girls go by with their colorful water jugs on the way to the cold stream to meet with their friends there.


Sto mi e milo, milo i drago
Vo Struga grada, mamo, Dukan da imam
Le le varai, mome, mome Kalino
Vo Struga grada, mamo, Dukan da imam

Na kepencite, mamo, da sedam,
Struskite momi, mamo, momo da gledam
Le le varai mome, mome Kalino,
Stuskite momi, mamo, momo da gledam

Koga na voda, voda mi odat
So tija stomni, mamo, Stomni sareni
Le le varai, mome, mome Kalino,
So tija stomni, mamo, stomni sareni

Na ovoj izvor, izvor studeni,
Tam da se sdruski, mamo, sdruski soberat
Le le varan, mome, mome Kalino,
Tam da se sdruski, mamo,
Sdruski soberat.

Difficulty Level: 8

Let the Light Shine In by Heather Houston

An inspirational multi-layered song inspiring us to open to the love and trust in the Source.

© Heather Houston
All Rights Reserved


Part 1: Opening to the love, trusting in the Source, moving with the flow of the water.

Part 2: Listen Deeply

Part 3 & 4: Let the light shine in, Hallelujah

Part 4: All is well, let the light shine in

Difficulty Level: 3