Dear Ones,

Have you ever felt called…. deep into a space of love and prayer and peace and receptivity… deep into the mystery of the creative life force pouring it’s healing energy through you? And not knowing exactly why? But putting your “to do” list aside and surrendering to the flow anyway? Last Saturday morning, a very tragic morning in our nation, was one of those times for me, and what emerged out of that space was the most gorgeous chant with the most exquisite harmonies. 

I offer it as a healing balm for the tender hearts, for the grieving hearts, and for the ones who’s hearts are yearning to remember who they are in their space of pure essence.

I taught it to my choir, Yala Lati, on Tuesday night and we created a video for you. This is their first go at it! I can’t wait to hear what it evolves into by the time we sing it at our Winter concert. 

Several song leaders have asked me if it’s okay to teach this one. My answer is yes, AND I’m requesting that you wait until I get the audio teaching tracks and sheet music up on my site. I am going to be very particular about how the harmonies are sung on this one, as they came through in such exquisiteness. I will let you all know when the tracks are ready for you. 

Love Moves In Me

Through me,

As me,

And I’m receiving each breath with love.

And I am walking each step with love. 

And… you all swooped up the 50 early bird tickets for the

Winter concert in less than 24 hours! That was incredible! Sales are rolling…You can get your tickets HERE

And there is still space in the Deep Autumn Women’s Spirit Song Circleas well and the Women’s Singing and Yoga Retreat.

Come sing with us! If you have not attended one of my circles before, you are welcome to attend the first class of the series for free to see if you feel called to join the remainder of the session. Please RSVP

All my love,


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