Eel River Song – Meredith Buck

By Meredith Buck

This song… this soothing beautiful song! I learned this one while floating in a watsu pool in L.A. with 8 other song leaders. Heaven! Kaitie Tye Warren led it. Many many song leaders teach this one, and each version is a bit different. When I asked Meredith about it, she indicated that she’s happy for this song to travel as it will.

I recorded this one while sitting next to the Tuolumne River in Yosemite National Park. So you’ll hear the water running and the wind blowing in the background of the recording.

Used with permission


Part 1:
Listen, Listen, Listen, Listen

Part 2:
Lay yourself down on the the rock now,
Lay your body down by the river
Listen to the rhythm on the other side
Loose yourself in the meantime

Part 3:
Listen, let the river (or your body) be your guide
Let the water decide
Loose yourself in the meantime

© Meredith Buck
All rights reserved